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Article: Benefits of Moringa Oil: The Miracle Oil for Hair

Benefits of Moringa Oil: The Miracle Oil for Hair
moringa oil

Benefits of Moringa Oil: The Miracle Oil for Hair

Moringa oil is also referred to as a miracle oil! And if you are wondering why, you are in the right spot. Although Floractive Moringa oil is a popular hair product, many people still aren’t aware of its benefits.

We have got you a comprehensive guide about Moringa oil. Below are the 7 benefits of using Moringa oil and an insight on incorporating it into your hair care routine.

7 benefits of Moringa oil for your hair

Moringa oil is extracted from the seed of the moringa tree, which is mainly found in the Himalayan mountains as well as in Brazil. It’s used for both cooking and cosmetic purposes. 

However, it is popular in the hair care regime due to its high benefits.  Here are 7 key benefits of using moringa oil for your hair:

  1. Strengthens hair strands: Moringa oil helps your hair structure keratin bonds by adding protein. As a result, it strengthens the hair strands, reducing breakage. 
  1. Improve scalp health: This oil contains vitamins A, C & E that reduce scalp irritation. It Hydrates hair. Moreover, Moringa oil is rich in anti-inflammatory and fatty acids that prevent dandruff and dryness. 
  1. Boost shine and manageability: This oil is also called a natural detangler. Moringa oil is a lightweight formula that quickly absorbs in the hair, builds a smooth surface on the strands. It adds shine and reduces frizz. 
  1. Protect hair: The oil contains long-chain hydrocarbons that act like waxes. This element further fills the gaps on your hair cuticle, creating a protective layer on your hair strands. Thus, it shields your hair from environmental damage like UV rays and pollutants by offering a smooth and protective film.
  1. Repair damage: Moringa oil also works best for damaged hair. It includes various vitamins and nutrients that work on the entire length of hair. From increasing blood circulation in the scalp to adding a protective layer, this oil does it all. 
  1. Conditions hair: Moringa oil targets multiple hair issues as it includes various vitamins, fatty acids, and smoothing properties. It deeply conditions hair, making it smooth and healthy.
  1. Encourage hair growth:  The oil creates a healthy scalp with beneficial nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Although moringa oil might not directly impact hair growth, it nourishes the hair scalp deep enough to contribute to hair follicles that indirectly encourage hair growth.

How to incorporate Moringa oil in hair care routine

Moringa oil includes several nourishing elements, you can use it in multiple ways in your hair care routine. So, here are the top three ways to use Moringa oil in your hair care routine and get elegant locks.

  1. Before shampoo: Like any other hair oil, you can use moringa hair oil before shampooing your hair. Take a small amount of oil, divide your hair into different sections, and apply it from root to end. Further, cover your hair with a shower cap and let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing it out. 
  1. As a leave-in conditioner:  Moringa oil is a natural detangler and protector. You can use this oil daily to shield your hair from environmental damage and UV rays. For application, take 3 to 5 drops of oil and evenly spread it on your hair.
  1. Split end sealer: Enriched with Vitamin A, C & E and Zinc, Moringa oil combats split ends and dryness. You can benefit from this characteristic by using Moringa oil as a split-end sealer. Take 1-2 drops of oil, rub it between your palms, and then apply it to split ends. The oil fills up the hair cuticle gaps and hydrates them, resulting in smooth and frizz-free hair.

Moreover, you can also use Floractive Moringa oil overnight or add it to hair masks for extra moisture.

Conclusion: Benefits of Moringa oil 

Moringa oil is a multitasking hair oil suitable for all hair types. It includes over 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants, offering you healthy hair. The key benefits of moringa oil are as follows:

  • Hydrate and build a healthy hair and scalp environment.
  • Strengthen the hair strands and reduce breakage and split-ends.
  • Enhance shine and manageability. 

Although moringa oil is a plant-based oil, do take a patch test to check for allergic reactions.

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