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Article: How to take care of colored hair?

How to take care of colored hair?
colored hair

How to take care of colored hair?

Love your colored hair but worried about maintaining it? Fear not! Whether you dye your hair at home or the salon, it is essential to care or it correctly to make the color last longer.

Here’s a quick guide to maintaining your colored hair while improving overall hair texture. From building a hair care routine to adapting healthy hair habits, we have covered it all.

Build the proper hair care routine for your colored hair

Maintaining a vibrant hair color starts with a hair care routine. Although most steps of a hair care routine are common, the impact still varies based on the frequency and the products you use.  

So, here are the 5 key steps you need to consider to keep your tinted hair shining for a longer duration:-

  1. Wash your hair less frequently

Avoid washing your hair often. Hued hair loses color faster with frequent washes. Thus, aim to wash your hair twice or thrice a week with lukewarm water. 

Moreover, always opt for the best shampoo for dyed / colored hair. Consider Paraben-free Perfect Blonder Shampoo, customized explicitly for colored and chemically treated hair.  

  1. Use conditioner every time you shampoo

Like any other hair care routine, conditioner is the best friend of colored hair. Your hair loses natural oil and is prone to damage due to the hair coloring process.

Add an intensive hair conditioner to your hair care routine to retain natural oil and repair damages. On top of this, some conditioners offer heat protectant benefits, coating and shielding your hair from heat styling tools. It is recommended to use the Perfect Blonder Mascara, which is designed exclusively for colored and grey hair. 

  1. Use hair mask

Hair conditioners offer less intensive and temporary results. Thus, consider deep conditioning with hair masks 1- 2 times weekly. 

Regarding ingredients, you can pick hair masks formulated for chemically treated hair or use a Floractive Reconstruction mask to repair overall hair texture. 

  1. Skip heating tools

Opt for air-drying over blow dryers whenever possible. Direct exposure to heat can weaken your hair strands, encouraging frizz and breakage. Besides this, blow dryers also removes hair’s natural oil and fade color faster than air drying. Hence it is advisable to use adequate heat to keep hair healthy.

  1. Use heat protection

Whether you tried blonde hair color or organic hair color, heat protection is a must. UV rays can damage hair cuticles. Hair coloring already makes your hair dry and depletes moisture. Thus, it is essential to keep them hydrated and avoid heat damage with the help of heat protectants. Use Macadamia Serum Illuminador, which is specially designed to rejuvenate hair that has been compromised by chemicals.

5 healthy Hair Habits to maintain colored Hair

Besides your hair care routine, your day-to-day lifestyle impacts your hair color.

Here are the 5 healthy hair habits you need to add to your lifestyle to keep your hue last longer:-

  1. Avoid high temperatures:- Whether it's hot water or heating tools, always avoid high temperatures. They break the protective layer of your hair, resulting in fading color and dryness.

However, you can always use serum or leave-in conditioners, including ingredients that shield your hair from heat and UV rays if needed. 

  1. Get regular trims:- If you don't get regular trim, it's time to start with it. Colored hair is prone to damage, especially at the ends. Hence, get regular hair trims every 8 to 12 weeks to remove damaged hair ends. 
  1. Avoid chlorine water:- Protect your hair from Chlorine water, especially while swimming. Chlorine fades the hair color and also damages the hair structure. 
  1. Have a healthy diet:- A healthy diet positively impacts hair growth. One should have a balanced diet with all essential vitamins and protein to make your colored hair look shinier and more vibrant. 
  1. Regularly oil the hair:-  Regular application of oil can benefit, dull, dry and chemically treated and colored hair. Hair color makes the hair dry and dull. Regular use of coconut oil nourishes and hydrates the hair, repairs damage and also doesn’t fade the color. 

Moving out of the salon with beautiful colored hair is fun, but making it for longer time can be a tricky task.

Here are three takeaways to maintain your dyed hair. 

  • Use hydrating conditioner and avoid washing your hair too often
  • Weekly deep condition with a hair mask
  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures and chlorine water. 

Remember, taking care of dyed hair doesn't end with a hair care routine. Your lifestyle and daily habits do impact colored hair. Don't forget to take advice from your hair expert, as they know your hair type and lifestyle better. 

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