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Article: How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair?

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair?
frizzy hair

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair?

Tired of frizzy and unmanageable hair? Fear not! Frizz is a common concern these days. Your busy schedule and harsh weather conditions contribute to frizz and breakage in your hair.

Although you use effective hair products, you need to make things right. This makes it essential to understand the cause of frizzy hair.

With this in mind, we have got you the top reasons for frizzy hair and 6 easy tips to eliminate frizz for smooth and manageable hair. So, without delay, let’s dive into the explainer!

Causes of frizzy hair

Various reasons contribute to frizzy hair. Hence, it’s essential to understand these reasons to troubleshoot them better. Here are 4 most common reasons behind frizzy hair:

  1. Chemical treatments: Many hair treatments include harmful chemicals that weakens the hair and eliminates natural oils from hair, making them prone to damage and frizz. 
  1. Heat styling:- Heat styling offers easy access to new looks, which can be a reason behind frizz if you don’t use it wisely. Direct exposure to high temperatures can damage hair keratin, which leads to frizz and breakage. 
  1. Irregular trims: Your hair ends are the oldest and farthest from your scalp, which makes it difficult for them to get natural oil. Consequently, hair ends are prone to frizz and split ends. Irregular trims allow this dryness and damage, affecting overall hair texture.
  1. Sulphates: Sulphates are key components of most cleansing shampoos. Although they clean the scalp, making the scalp and hair dry by removing the moisture and natural oils more than that is needed. This further results in frizz, dryness, and even scalp irritation.

 6 tips to get rid of frizzy hair

  1. Wash smarter

Washing your scalp too often may clean the build-up and dirt, but it also exfoliates the moisture and sebum. Hair experts suggest washing your hair thrice a week or when you feel oily. Combine with a conditioner Ensure that your conditioner doesn't include silicon. 

  1. Hydrate from inside out

Both dietary and hair products are equally essential for your hair texture. Ensure you drink plenty of water and include vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids in your diet. 

On top of this, look for components of humectants and emollients in your hair care products, as they lock moisture and reduce frizz.  

  1. Deep condition like a pro:

Frizzy hair demands frequent deep conditioning to replenish moisture loss and combat frizz. Few hair experts suggest deep conditioning your hair weekly. The frequency ultimately depends on your hair type and condition. 

You can use Floractive Hair Repair System Masks to hydrate your hair weekly. Moreover, you can regularly treat your hair with Moringa Oil to reduce frizz without weighing down your hair. 

  1. Cool down after shampoo

Hot water works great for your muscles, but not for your hair. Hot water stresses and weakens your locks, making them frizzy, dry, and prone to breakage. It’s always wise to use lukewarm or cold water on your hair, as it preserves natural oil and closes cuticles, helping to control breakage and frizz. 

  1. Heat with care

Heat styling is a great tool for achieving elegant and polished looks. Yet, it’s essential to add additional care to avoid frizzy and brittle hair. Ensure you shield your hair with a heating protectant spray or serum, you can use Macadamia Serum Illuminador to avoid frizz and direct exposure to heat.

  1. Seal with leave-in conditioners 

Your hair care game doesn’t end with styling. Use a leave-in conditioner to seal moisture from environmental damage. Leave-in conditioners build a coat on your hair strands that protects your hair from UV rays while reducing frizz and adding shine.

Reducing frizz isn’t an overnight miracle. You need to make constant efforts to overcome it. Here are three key points to reduce frizz: 

  • Keep yourself and your hair hydrated.
  • Opt for sulphate-free shampoo.
  • Deep condition hair weekly.
  • Use a leave-on serum / oil.

Besides this, you can also go for salon treatment to get instant results or consult a stylist to get personalised tips.

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