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A Nature’s TouchIndulge in the Luxurious Flora from Brazil

W Two Plex

W two is Enriched with Ojon oil combined with the Plex Technological system which enhances the absorption and hydration aiding in the reconstruction of hair fiber resulting in straight Shiny and frizz-free hair. The powerful action of the violet pigment nanoparticles neutralizes the unwanted nuance in colored hair. This removes the yellow nuance making the hair look shiny with a platinum finish.

Macadamia Natural Oil SOS Botox
This series has gained a lot of popularity in the Hair-care Industry. For starters, Botox for hair does not actually contain the botulinum toxin compound and is not an injectable procedure. It rather just borrows the ‘Botox’ name for a deep conditioning treatment applied topically that works in ‘Repairing the Damage’ of your tresses. The macadamia Botox series uses this technology in a specially curated formula to rejuvenate the hair from within making it healthy, voluminous and strong.
Desembucha Cabelo
The Desembucha Cabelo Home Care line is specially developed to restore fibre and maintain pigment of the hair, as it contains vitamin B5 that penetrates deeply into the hair cortex. Urea derivatives and amino acids present in the formulation retain water molecules providing hydration, shine and softness. When using the complete line, it allows for detangling and combing and capillary emollience.

A Nature’s Touch0% Formaldehyde & 100% Safe

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