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Article: Best Hair Care Routine for Smooth and Silky hair- A Beginner's Hair Care Guide

Best Hair Care Routine for Smooth and Silky hair- A Beginner's Hair Care Guide
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Best Hair Care Routine for Smooth and Silky hair- A Beginner's Hair Care Guide

Finding an ideal hair care routine for smooth and silky hair can be tricky, especially in a world of dozens of products and information. 

Moreover, a hair care routine is not only about the product you use but also about the frequency, duration, and ingredients. Thus, we have got you a hair care routine suggested by our hair experts to put your confusion to an end. 

On top of this, we’ll discuss 5 mistakes you must avoid to get smooth and silky hair. So, stay with this post until the end to unlock your ideal hair care routine and turn your dream hair into reality. 

Best hair care routine to get smooth and silky hair

While a single hair care routine may not suit everyone, it typically consists of similar steps. 

Thus, here is a list of key steps you need to consider to make a complete hair care routine for silky and smooth hair. On top of this, we'll also highlight the frequency and ideal duration for using products so that you achieve your hair goals better.

  1. Nourish with oil.
Frequency to use  1 to 2 times a week
Ideal duration Varies 

From enhancing shine to overall hair health, hair oil is a significant step in the hair care routine. Although you can find dozens of hair oils, all may not help you get the desired results.

Thus, always consider hair oils like argan and grapeseed. They contain fatty acids and Vitamin E, helping to enhance shine and lock moisture on the hair shaft. 

  1. Cleanse with shampoo.
Frequency to use  2 to 3 times a week
Ideal duration 1 to 2 minutes

Like any skincare routine, it’s essential to cleanse your hair before using any beneficial products. Daily activities like styling, sweating, and even pollution can build up excessive products, dirt, and dead skin cells on your hair strands. 

Consequently, this buildup can block nourishing products from reaching deep layers of your hair. Thus, use lightweight shampoo like Marroco Golden to hydrate and repair your damaged hair.  

  1. Repair with a hair mask
Frequency to use  1 to 2 times a week
Ideal duration 20 to 30 minutes

Besides regular oiling and cleansing, you should also work on deeply repairing your hair to improve its overall health, and that’s where hair masks come into play. 

Although this nourishing product requires more than 20 minutes, it hydrates your dry strands, adding shine and more manageability instantly. However, the results may vary further based on the product and your hair’s condition.

  1. Apply conditioner
Frequency to use  Follow up shampoo
Ideal duration 2 to 3 minutes

Conditioner and shampoo are best friends. Applying conditioner after cleansing your hair adds moisture to your strands, making them shiny and frizz-free.

As the name suggests, conditioner is integrated with nourishing elements like humectants, oils, and nutrients. Yet, always look for conditioners with targeted ingredients like glycerin, panthenol, etc., to get smooth and silky hair. 

  1. Protect with serum
Frequency to use  1 to 2 times a week
Ideal duration Leave in

Your hair care duty does not end after a shower. You need to ensure that your scalp absorbs all beneficial elements and protects it from further damage by using serum.

A serum can help you detangle hair and reduce frizz. Moreover, it offers an extra layer of hydration and nourishment while using a heating tool to get a smooth and silky finish.

However, remember that serum results vary based on ingredients. Thus, consider the right one based on your hair demands. 

  1. Try a hair treatment.
Frequency to use  1 to 2 times a year
Ideal duration 2 to 3 hours

Besides trying suitable hair care products, you can opt for treatments like Nanoplastia or Bluetox to get smooth and silky hair instantly. 

Although a hair treatment can take more than 2 hours, it offers long-lasting and instant results. Moreover, most hair treatments are suitable for all hair types. Hence. You can get your dream hair efficiently. 

PS: The above content is for informational purposes. Please read product instructions and take expert advice before incorporating new products and tricks into your routine.

5 mistakes you should avoid to get smooth and silky hair

You have known the key steps of an ideal hair care routine. Now, let’s briefly check 5 mistakes that might be stopping you from achieving your dream hair: 

  1. Wash your hair too often: Washing your hair too often can detain natural oil and moisture. This can leave your hair feeling dry and frizzy and increase hair breakage.
  1. Choosing random products: always pick products based on your hair demand and check if they contain any allergic components. Using random products without efficient research and expert advice may have negative consequences.
  1. Unhealthy diet: Shiny and silky hair comes from within the roots. Thus, ensure a healthy diet, including the right amount of protein and other essential nutrients.
  1. Overuse heat tool: Never use a heating tool without applying heat protectant serum to your hair. Overuse of heat styling tools like straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers can damage the hair protein (keratin), leading to dryness, breakage, and split ends.
  1. Take hot water showers: Ensure you wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water. Hot showers damage your cuticles, making them rough and weak. As a result, your hair loses its natural shine, which increases hair loss and breakage. 

In a nutshell: The Best hair care routine for silky and smooth hair

Getting smooth and silky hair is not an overnight miracle. Yet you can achieve your hair goal in a few months with the proper hair care routine. Although the results may vary based on products and hair type. Here are three takeaways you must remember from this post:

  • Use the right hair care products with consistency.
  • Avoid heat styling and hot showers.
  • Try hair treatments to get dream hair instantly.

Besides choosing the right hair products, pay attention to how frequently you use them. Overusing a few products may damage your hair. So, without delay, shop your hair routine right now, and don’t forget to bookmark the post for future reference!

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