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Article: Hair Straightening Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

Hair Straightening Treatment: Everything You Need to Know
hair straightening

Hair Straightening Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

Different hairstyles come and go, but straight hair is never out of fashion and is always loved by women. This popularity helped bring several hair straightening treatments to the market, making it easy to achieve sleek and long-lasting straight hair. 

However, many options come with equal confusion. If you are going through the same, we have covered it for you. We have got you the 4 best hair straightening treatments you can choose from and factors you should consider before choosing one. 

The Top 4 popular hair straightening treatments

There are several hair straightening treatments, which can be overwhelming for a beginner to choose from. Hence, we have curated a list of 4 most popular hair straightening treatments.

1. Flat iron 

Flat irons, also known as hair straighteners, are a handy tool for achieving temporary yet straight hair. Beginners can start their hair straightening journey with a flat iron at home or in a salon.

However, remember to use Macadamia Serum Illuminadorheat protectant and opt for a ceramic or titanium plated straightener to avoid potential heat damage. 

2. Nanoplastia Treatment

What if a hair smoothening treatment can offer you silky smooth hair while nourishing it deeply? Yes, Nanoplastia  does that for you with up to 100% straight hair that lasts up to 75 washes.

This hair treatment is rich in amino acids and vitamins that improve your hair structure while deeply nourishing it. The best part is that Nanoplastia is that it is formaldehyde-free and does not have any harmful chemicals. 

Although this salon treatment requires post-treatment care, it’s suitable for all hair types.  

3. Taninoplastia

Taninoplastia is a modern technique that uses natural ingredients to offer smooth, hydrated and straight hair. It has Tannin, a plant-derived straightening substance. This treatment offers five solutions. Floractive BlueTox brings the goodness of blueberries and linseed to straighten, repair damage, tone, reduce frizz, and moisturize hair in one go. 

4. Keratin treatment

Keratin is a popular hair treatment in the market. As the name suggests, in contains keratin and other essential nutrients. In this process, the keratin formula fills up the gaps in the hair structure, making them smooth and straight. However, this straightening treatment doesn't last long. 

Factors to consider before choosing hair straightening treatment

Besides knowing about hair straightening treatments, here are a few factors you must consider before choosing one: 

  • Hair condition: Always double-check with your hair expert if the treatment suits your hair type. This simple question can save your hair and health from allergic reactions, side effects, and unwanted results. 
  • Results duration: Explore how long results last and whether they meet your requirements. There are few hair treatments that last long. For example, the result of Nanoplastia treatment lasts up to 75 washes. 
  • Budget: Hair straightening treatments vary in costs depending on the type of treatment and the longevity of the results that they last. One needs to follow up with after care products that one can use at home. 
  • Chemical sensitivity: Keratin straightening treatments involve chemicals. Therefore, discuss chemical sensitivity with your stylist beforehand and opt for a gentle formula if needed. Nanoplatia and Taninoplastia are one of the safest treatments.
  • Hair care routine: Straightened hair requires specific aftercare to maintain the results. Post-treatment hair care varies based on your hair condition and treatment. Hence, discuss the necessary precautions with your stylist.


Picking a hair straightening treatment isn't rocket science if you communicate with your stylist. Here’s a quick checklist to pick a hair straightening treatment:

  • Chemical/s involved
  • Effectiveness duration
  • Total cost, including post-treatment hair care

  • While post-treatment hair care routine varies depending on the specific treatment, hair serum, and masks are used to constantly hydrate and promote hair growth. Remember to discuss any past chemical treatments with your stylist, as their expert advice will help you choose the ideal hair straightening treatment for your needs.

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