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Article: Types of Hair Treatment: Which is best for you?

Types of Hair Treatment: Which is best for you?
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Types of Hair Treatment: Which is best for you?

Different locks have different keys, and the same goes for your hair. The field of hair care offers numerous types of hair treatments to solve your hair issues, making it helpful yet confusing to choose an ideal one.

Thus, to help you out of this trouble, we have given you a quick guide to different types of hair treatments to help you choose the best one. So, stay with the blog until the end to know the ideal hair treatment you need to unlock healthy hair.  

Types of hair treatment - Quick Overview 

In this evolving world, you can find several types of hair treatments, yet we are mentioning the seven most efficient hair treatments you must know.

Name  Suitable for  Application time Benefits  Results duration
Keratin Treatment frizzy, curly hair Medium   Smooth, shiny hair Up to 3 months
Nanoplastia Treatment  Suitable for all hair type Long Deep nourishment, frizz control, shine Up to 6 months
Protein Treatment Dry and damaged hair  Short Reduce breakage and strength from roots Varies on treatment 
Deep conditioning Treatment  Frizzy, colored hair  Short  Hydrate hair, reduce breakage Up to 3 weeks 
Botox Treatment  Suitable for all hair type Medium  Reduce frizz, breakage and enhance shine Up to 4 months
Scalp Treatment Dandruff and itchy scalp  Short  Detox hair from unwanted elements Varies 
Hot - Oil Treatment Dry, brittle hair  Medium  Hydrate and smoothen  Up to 6 weeks

Since you are familiar with the types of hair treatments on this list, let's explore them deeply.

  1. Keratin treatment

Regarding types of hair treatment, keratin is one of the most commonly heard and used treatments. This treatment is ideal if you have damaged hair due to over-styling, chemical treatments, and environmental issues. 

Like many other treatments, you can get keratin treatment at home and in-salon based on your needs. In terms of results, Keratin treatment offers you instant results with smooth and shiny hair, which can last up to 3 months.

Image by azerbaijan_stockers on Freepik


  • Reduce frizz, enhance shine, and smoothen hair
  • Offers long-lasting and instant results


  • It may contain harmful chemicals
  • You may need to get periodic reapplication 
  1. Nanoplastia treatment

Nanoplastia is an impactful hair treatment that nourishes hair from its roots and offers long-lasting results. The specialized formula of this treatment consists of vitamins and nutrients to offer the best results.

You can have your first experience with Floractive Nanoplastia and enjoy the results for up to 6 months with fewer or no touch-ups. 

Image by diana.grytsku on Freepik


  • Deep nourishment and improvement in overall hair texture
  • It lasts longer than other treatments
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • Requires recommended shampoo and conditioner. 
  1. Protein treatment

Protein makes up 95% of your hair, which might get eliminated due to over-styling, chemical treatments, etc, causing dry and damaged hair. 

And that's where Protein treatment comes to the rescue. This hair treatment refills protein gaps and makes hair healthier and stronger within the roots. 


  • Requires less time for application
  • Repairs overall hair health


  • It doesn't show instant results
  1. Deep conditioning Treatment 

As the name suggests, deep conditioning treatment helps you to nourish your hair and improve overall hair texture deeply. Deep conditioning is one of the fastest hair treatments in a salon and at home.

This treatment hardly takes 15 to 30 minutes based on your hair's varying needs. Although deep conditioning treatment gives hair a smooth and shiny effect, it fades gradually with every wash. 

Overall, deep conditioning is worthwhile if you are okay with temporary results. However, remember not to keep the mask for a longer time, as over-conditioning may damage your hair more.

Image by freepik


  • Hydrates hair
  • Quick to apply


  • Temporary results and require frequent re-application 
  • It may cause scalp irritation 
  1. Botox hair treatment

Like facial botox treatment, hair botox treatment helps you improve your hair health within the roots and fix most of your hair issues. In this treatment, a specialized formula is applied to your hair strands, including keratin, collagen, vitamins, and more. 

As botox hair treatment suits all hair types, you can rely on top brands like Floractive Blue Tox and get instant results. However, use sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner to get long-lasting results. 

Pros : 

  • All in one solution
  • Long-lasting solutions

Cons : 

  • Requires recommended shampoo and conditioner
  1. Scalp treatment

Like its name, this treatment targets your scalp with an active formula that contains exfoliators, nutrients, and other beneficial ingredients. 

As a result, it detoxes your scalp from the over-conditioning build-up of oil, pollutants, and other damaging elements. The scalp treatment is the ultimate solution for dandruff, itchiness, and hair loss. 

Scalp treatment can be done in both a salon and home. The key difference is that the salon offers quick results in 20 minutes, while home treatment requires an overnight application for the best results. 

Image by freepik


  • Stimulate blood flow
  • Reduce hair loss and dandruff


  • Limited availability
  • May cause allergic reactions
  1. Hot- Oil treatment

Like your regular hair oiling routine, hot oil treatment enhances shine and smoothes your hair. Yet, it differs further by choice and temperature of oil. Hot- oil treatment increases blood flow in your scalp and helps in reducing hair loss. 

This treatment lasts around 30 minutes and shows changes after hair wash. Although this treatment includes mainly plant oil, it may cause allergic reactions. You can try hot oil treatment at home and in-salon. 


  • Enhance shine and smooth hair
  • Affordable
  • Reduce hair loss and breakage


  • It may cause an allergic reaction

Wrapping up: How to choose the best hair treatment for you?  

In this post, we explored the 7 types of hair treatments which are affordable and convenient to try at home and salons. In case you are still wondering which is the ideal “hair treatment near me,” then answer these three questions to get a solution.

  • What are your hair concerns?
  • How much time and money can you invest?
  • How long do you want the results to last?

Match your answers with the above table to get your ideal type of hair treatment, but don't forget to consult an expert before concluding.

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