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Article: Importance of Protein for Hair Growth: Build an Ideal Hair Routine

Importance of Protein for Hair Growth: Build an Ideal Hair Routine
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Importance of Protein for Hair Growth: Build an Ideal Hair Routine

Every other hair product discusses protein goodness; have you ever wondered about the importance of protein for hair growth?  95% of your hair is composed of a protein called Keratin. So, we can sum it up by saying

Hair protein = Hair growth

Yet, eventually, your hair loses protein due to chemical treatments, over-styling, and environmental issues, causing hair loss and damaged hair. Hence, it’s essential to know the impact of hair protein and minimize its loss to restore your damaged hair.

So, in this explainer, we will discuss the importance of hair Protein and help you to know the benefits of using protein-based products. And yes, read the blog until the end to learn quick ways to incorporate protein into your hair care routine. So, let’s start the journey to get healthier hair.

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Importance of Hair Protein 

As discussed earlier, hair protein is crucial as it makes up a large part of hair. In addition, the key characteristics of your hair, like strength, elasticity, shine, and texture, rely on the amount of your hair protein.

Thus, it's essential to incorporate protein in your hair care routine to get deeply nourished hair. Besides, a lack of protein can damage your hair even more after chemical treatments.  

Benefits of using protein-based hair products

You can find dozens of protein-based hair products, but do you know why you should go for them? Here are 7 benefits of using protein-integrated hair products.

  1. Strengthen your hair: Protein-based hair products help fill the protein loss in the hair roots and follicles caused by chemical treatments or the environment. The fulfillment of these gaps strengthens your hair and possibly decreases hair loss and breakage. 
  1. Prevent damage: Hair protein waterproofs and shields your hair from roots to tips. This protective layer prevents damage from external elements like over-styling, pollution, heat, etc. 
  1. Boost shine and smoothen hair: Protein products improve your overall hair texture, which helps you produce shine and smoothen the roots.
  1. Help in hair growth: As protein makes 95% of hair structure, mending the gaps of protein loss can help the hair rebuild essential nutrients and boost hair growth. 
  1. Reduce frizz and split ends: Hair protein makes your hair more manageable, nourishes them from roots, and builds a new layer on your hair. As a result, it reduces frizz and the occurrence of split ends. 
  1. Easy to use:  Using protein-based hair products is as simple as using everyday products. You can use any product at home, as you get dozens of options. 

You can use different shampoos, conditioners, oils, and hair masks. Additionally, you can also combine different products in your routine for the best results. 

  1. Budget-friendly:  Protein hair products are way more affordable than a salon. Additionally, you can use them whenever you want, and you don't need to book appointments or wait for hours. 

Tips to incorporate protein into your hair care routine

As you know the importance of protein and the benefits of using protein-based products, let's discuss how to incorporate them into your hair care routine. Here are 5 ways to incorporate protein for hair growth at home.

  1. Use protein-rich shampoo and conditioner:- Include protein-rich shampoo and conditioner in your hair care routine. You can either use them regularly or frequently based on your hair texture.

You can include shampoos containing amino acids like Floractive W-One, wheat protein, etc. 

  1. Try DIY home remedies:- You can create a DIY hair mask using protein-rich ingredients like eggs, yogurt, or avocado. You can also browse online to find many other home remedies.
  1. Protective styling:- Adapt protective hairstyles like braids or buns, and always use heat-protecting spray while using heating tools.
  1. Balanced diet:- Ensure that you include enough protein in your diet. Hair growth starts from within the body. Add Protein food like eggs, meat, nuts, etc. 
  1. Use hair mask:- Adopt a reconstruction hair mask that includes vegetable protein and results in intense repair. You can also try other hair masks integrated with different proteins based on your hair texture and needs. 

Final thoughts: 

Protein is an essential and nutritional element for hair growth. Thus, it's vital to integrate protein into your hair care routine and minimize its loss. Here are 3 tips you should remember:-

  • Have a balanced diet
  • Do protective styling
  • Use protein-rich hair products

Besides this, protein-based products require patience and consistency to get results. However, you can also go for protein treatment in a salon or try Floractive Nanoplastia salon-like treatment at home for instant results. 


Can I use protein on my hair every day?

Use protein in your hair based on your hair needs. Excessive protein can make your hair dull and dry.

Do hair care products work?

Yes, hairs have a cellular structure, making them super absorbent. Thus, the application of external products is beneficial. 

Does rice water have protein?

Yes, rice water is rich in protein. You can use it in home remedies for protein treatment. 

Can hair grow without protein?

No, the right amount of protein is essential for hair growth. 

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