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Article: Must-have Hair Care Products for Healthy Hair

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Must-have Hair Care Products for Healthy Hair

Looking for must-have hair care products? We've got you covered. Hair care is as essential as your skin care. Your physical changes, environment, stress, and many other factors contribute to your hair characteristics. 

It is significant to adapt the right products to make your locks manageable, smooth, and maintain hygiene. Yet, with countless products and routines, it becomes difficult to come down on a decision.

Hence, we have a quick list of must-have hair care products to ease your challenge. Moreover, we have also added a basic hair care routine suggested by our hair experts to kickstart your journey. So, grab your favourite drink and jump into the explainer!

Importance of hair care products

Healthy, manageable hair isn’t about luck - it’s about giving your hair the care it deserves. While genetics play a vital role, the right hair care products can be a game changer for your hair’s appearance and health. These products significantly impact your hair health from root to tip.

Using the right hair care products can transform your dry, frizzy, and damaged hair into smooth and manageable hair strands. At the same time, wrong products can strip away the natural oils and deeply damage your hair, making it brittle and prone to damage.

Like your skin, even your hair is exposed and affected by various environmental elements. Hence, it’s essential to use hair care products that protect, nourish, and maintain your scalp health to get beautiful and healthy hair.

Must-have hair care products for healthy hair 

A hair care routine involves various products based on one's needs. However, certain items are common and essential to have an effective routine. 

Thus, here are 5 must-have hair care routines to get healthy hair:-

  • Shampoo & Conditioner:- Shampoo and Conditioner are complementary and the most essential part of the hair care routine. They remove dirt and excessive product build-up on your hair, helping nutrients reach the roots deeply.
  • Hair oil:- Hair oil comes with moisturizing and smoothing properties. It hydrates your locks and prevents them from frizz and damage. Depending on your hair's needs, you can use hair oil in different steps of the hair care routine.
  • Hair mask:- Sometimes, regular hair care isn't enough to heal your hair strands. You must deep condition them weekly with a hair mask to nourish, hydrate, and repair damage.
  • Heat protectant Serum:- Heat protectant serum like  Serum Iluminador creates a protective layer between your hair and heat styling tools like curler, straightener, etc. It minimizes heat damage while offering frizz-free and elegant hair.



  • Leave-in conditioner:-  Leave-in conditioner is essential to protect your hair from environmental damages like pollution and UV rays. Moreover, it keeps your hair detangled and frizz-free throughout the day.

Basic Hair Care Routine

As you know the must-have hair care products, now let's prepare a basic hair care routine through them:-

Everyday hair care routine 

Step 1:- Shampoo 

Application time:- Twice a week

Wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Pick a sulfate-free shampoo suitable for your hair type.

Step 2:- Conditioner 

Application time:- Follow after Shampoo 

Remove excessive water from your hair and apply conditioner on your hair length to the tips. Let it rest for 2 to 3 minutes (or as suggested on the product), then rinse it thoroughly until excessive product is washed out.

Step 3:- Heat protectant serum 

Application time:-  Before using heating tools.

You can apply heat-protectant serum on both dry and damp hair. Apply the serum to your hair length to the tips. Avoid applying it on the scalp. Then, comb your hair to spread the serum evenly.

Step 4:- Air dry 

Our experts suggest air drying 70-80% of the hair and then using a blow dryer to dry it thoroughly.

Complete your hair care routine by styling your locks to your liking.

Weekend hair care routine 

  • Hair mask 

  • Application time:- After shampooing

    Deep condition your hair once a week with a nourishing hair mask. Wash your hair, rinse out shampoo thoroughly, and apply a hair mask on the length to tips on damp hair.

    Further, let it rest for 5 to 20 minutes (or as suggested on the product) and rinse it out while following your regular hair wash routine.

  • Hair Oiling

  • Application time:- Varies

    You can use hair oil like Moringa oil as a leave-in serum and massage the scalp. 

    To massage the scalp:- Warm up a small amount of oil, massage your scalp and hair length for a few minutes, and rest it for an hour before rinsing it out. 

    As Leave in serum:- Apply a small amount of oil before styling your hair to add moisture and shine. However, avoid oiling roots on days you don't wash your hair.


    Building a hair care routine isn't rocket science if you understand your hair concerns and products. In this post, we mentioned five must-have hair care products, and here are three key points to remember:-

    • Pick sulfate-free shampoo based on your hair type and needs.

    • Choose products that nourish your hair.

    • Don't experiment with new products without expert advice and patch tests.

    Getting beautiful and healthy hair is a long journey. So, stay consistent and patient with it.

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