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Article: Modern Hair Problems & Modern Hair Solutions

Modern Hair Problems & Modern Hair Solutions
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Modern Hair Problems & Modern Hair Solutions

Have you seen the meme “Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions”? Funny, right? But when we say that modern hair problems require modern hair solutions, take it into consideration. We are not just being trendy but we are talking about real issues.

In a world filled with pollution, relentless heat styling, and excessive screen time, our locks are facing challenges our ancestors couldn't even fathom. In this blog, we'll dive into the modern hair problems our hair faces today and explore modern solutions that go beyond your grandma's hair care routine.

The Rise of Modern Hair Problems

Modern life brings with it a unique set of modern hair problems. From environmental factors to lifestyle choices, our locks face unprecedented stress. Here’s a breakdown of the modern hair problems -

1. Environmental Stressors

The impact of environmental stressors such as chemicals, pollution, UV rays and harsh weather can wreak havoc on your hair. These factors lead to dullness, dryness, itchy scalp, hair loss and lacklustre experience. Now, some of you might  be wondering: How exactly do pollution, UV rays and harsh weather affect your hair health?

Here is how it can affect your hair - When your hair fibres are exposed to pollutant concentrations and UV rays, it damages the hair cuticle, cortex, hair proteins and weakens your hair strands.

Damaged hair due to environmental stressors

2. Styling Overload

Using multiple hair products can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry, brittle and prone to damage. Also, frequent use of heat styling tools will make your hair look amazing but it can damage your hair too. 

If you’re curious about how heat styling tools can damage your hair, here is the breakdown: when you blow dry, flat iron or curl your hair, the process also dries out your hair cuticle and breaks the protein bonds.

Heat Damaged hair

3. Colour & Chemically Damaged Hair

Who doesn’t love to colour their hair? Dying your hair feels magical and different. But do you know that colouring your hair makes it fragile and prone to breakage? Yes, you heard it right. When you opt for hair colouring, you expose them to a variety of chemicals present in the dye. These chemicals, while creating the desired colour effect, can alter the hair's natural structure.

Moreover, constant colouring sessions or using harsh chemical treatments can exacerbate the damage, gradually affecting the overall health of hair.

Chemically Damaged Hair

4. Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is a universal struggle all of us battle with and it is very frustrating. Even though frizzy hair is annoying, many of us are unsure about what causes the frizz. There are multiple factors that cause your hair to frizz but one of the main reasons is ‘dryness’. Be it humidity, washing your hair in hot water or using harsh hair products, all of these cause your hair to frizz up.

Annoyed women with frizzy hair

5. Stress & Lifestyle

The demands of a hectic lifestyle and high-stress levels can contribute to hair loss, dullness, scalp issues and affect the overall health of your hair. The researchers found that chronic stress impairs hair follicle stem cells, leading to hair loss.

Beyond stress, lifestyle factors such as poor diet, inadequate sleep, smoking, pollution and harsh hair products affect your hair health.  

The Modern Hair Solutions:

So far, we have discussed all the challenges posed by modern life to our hair. Now, it’s time to explore the innovative modern hair solutions that counteract these issues.

1. Smart Hair Care Products

These days, Millennials and Gen Z are so obsessed with skin care but what about hair care routine? Just like skin care is important, so does your hair care. 


Investing in innovative hair care products is essential for modern individuals to maintain healthy hair. Your hair deserves the best and with the advancement in technology, there are smart products you can apply to help rejuvenate struggling hair.

2. Heat-Protectant Styling

Before reaching for your favourite styling tools, apply a quality heat protectant to shield your hair from the damaging effects of heat. It also preserves the natural moisture of your hair and minimizes the risk of damage.

3. Hair Rituals

A healthy scalp is the foundation of beautiful hair. Hair Rituals offer deep hydration and instant softness to your hair. It not only reduces frizz but prevents the damage and brings new life to your hair.

4. Nanoplastia Treatment

Nanoplastia is an innovative hair treatment that effectively straightens your hair and provides a healthy and vibrant appearance. This treatment nourish, repair and enhace the overall health of your hair. It is beneficial for individuals facing multiple modern health problems.

5. Essential Oils

From ancient time to modern beauty salons, essential oils have long been valued for their therapeutic benefits. When it comes to essential oils, Moringa Oil will surprise you with its hidden potentials. It is also known as the ‘Miracle Oil’ - a potent elixir. Moringa Oil is a powerhouse of nutrients that not only promotes hair growth but also protein production, combats split ends and a lot more.


Addressing modern hair problems requires a shift to modern hair solutions. From incorporating smart hair care products to innovative treatments like Nanoplastia, you can counteract the challenges of modern living. Your hair deserves the best, so say goodbye to dull and damaged locks and welcome to healthy and vibrant hair. 

Explore Floractive’s revolutionary hair care products and treatments, carefully crafted to address the problems discussed above.

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