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Article: Keratin Vs Nanoplastia Hair Treatment - Know which is the better choice

Keratin Vs Nanoplastia Hair Treatment - Know which is the better choice
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Keratin Vs Nanoplastia Hair Treatment - Know which is the better choice

Your confusion is valid! Keratin or Nanoplastia Hair Treatment is one of the trickiest choices to make. Especially when you are unfamiliar with both, blindly choosing one can risk your hair and physical health.

Thus, it's always wise to understand the treatment before opting for it. So, in this blog, we will explain Keratin and Nanoplastia treatment. In addition to this, we'll also understand the difference between keratin and Nanoplastia treatment closely to help you make better decisions. Now, let's dive into the explainer! 

What is Keratin treatment? 

Keratin is one of the most popular hair smoothing treatments. The primary goal of this technique is to reduce frizz, enhance shine, and make your hair more manageable. 

This hair smoothing technique involves the application of a keratin-infused formula to the hair and further seals it with heat. However, some formulations may also contain formaldehyde, a potentially harmful chemical.


  • Effectively control frizz and results with smoother hair
  • Enhance shine in hair and give a glossy finish
  • Keep hair more manageable and accessible to style. 


  • It may contain harmful chemicals like Formaldehyde
  • The effect is temporary and requires periodic reapplication. 

What is Nanoplastia treatment? 

Nanoplastia is a hair treatment that repairs your damaged hair with the help of vitamins and nutrients. Nanoplastia uses nanotechnology to deliver nutrients and vitamins deep into your hair shaft. As a result, your hair stays hydrated and stronger from the inside.

The key goal of Nanoplastia is to provide you with frizz-free, shiny, and glossy hair for a longer duration. In addition, the primary characteristic that sets Nanoplastia above other treatments is no involvement of harmful chemicals. 


  • Nanoplastia offers deep nourishment, improving overall hair texture.
  • The effect lasts longer than other traditional treatments
  • It is suitable for various hair types and can be customized based on individual needs


  • The waiting time of Nanoplastia is comparatively longer than keratin treatment
  • Availability of this treatment is limited compared to other treatments. 

Difference Between Keratin and Nanoplastia Hair Treatment in a Nutshell 

As you have come down here, you would be clear about how these treatments work. But does that end your confusion? If not, check this quick comparison in different aspects for better understanding. 

Aspect  Keratin Treatment  Nanoplastia Treatment 
Objective  Temporary Frizz control, enhanced shine, manageability  Deep nourishment, long-lasting results like Frizz control, shine & manageability 
Waiting time Moderate Takes longer time 
Chemicals May contain formaldehyde  Typically, no harmful chemicals are involved 
Results duration  Temporary, requires periodic reapplication  Long-lasting, needs fewer touch-ups 
Estimated duration  3 months  3 months to 6 months
Suitability  Thick, curly, and straight hair Various types of customizable
Availability  Widely available  Availability may vary
Concerns It may contain harmful chemical Longer waiting time in some cases 
Straightening  70 to 90% 70 to 90%
Price Varies, Generally Affordable  Typically, higher costs due to better benefits


Keratin Vs. Nanoplastia Hair Treatment: Which is better? 

Coming back to the title in the war of Keratin Vs. Nanoplastia hair treatment Nanoplastia is a better choice due to its long-lasting results and low health risks. However, the answer may vary further due to the individual's choice. So, here's a quick call for clarity.

Keratin treatment is suitable if: 

You want to seek immediate frizz control and enhance manageability. It is best suited if you prefer a glossy finish and are okay with periodic treatment.

Nanoplastia treatment is suitable if:

You desire deep nourishment and long-lasting results. It is suitable for various hair types and perfect if you don't want regular salon visits as Nanoplastia treatment lasts upto six months. 


Keratin and Nanoplastia are effective treatments for frizz-free, shiny, and manageable hair. However, what makes the difference between both is the result duration, treatment time, and ingredients. Keratin is an ideal choice if you can go for periodic reapplication and want quick results, but you may risk health. 

On the other hand, Nanoplastia has a longer waiting time but offers long-lasting results with no harm. However, consider consulting a professional stylist for a better decision. 

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