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FloractiveIndústria e Comércio de Cosmeticos is a Brazilian company that operates in the beauty market since 2011, we provide quality products that are efficient and safe for our consumers. Currently with 2 industrial centers and administrative headquarters in Cajamar Brazil, the company is constantly evolving and improving to better serve. We have the Halal Certificate, ISO 9001, Anvisa records as well as being affiliated with ABIHPEC and the Arab Brazilian Chamber.

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An innovative treatment Nanoplastia is a hair restoration, proven by practice to be an effective method of straightening that provides healthy appearance.

The base of the product is constituted from amino acids and collagen. The products for Nanoplastia are saturated to the maximum of beneficial substances and supplemented with harmless chemical elements that facilitate penetration into the hair and interact at the cellular level. The formulas for this procedure are rich with amino acids, which, under the action of temperature, penetrate in the cortical layer of the hair. Therefore, the structure of the hair becomes strong and the nutrients are integrated in the hair healing it from the inside.

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