We live in a time of hustle. We’re either trying to put in more hours at work or cut down on work to spend more time with family and friends. It is not uncommon to take for granted our own health in this rush. But is that right? One major concern for so many of us, especially the ones with curly hair is to keep our hair protected from damage. It sometimes becomes impossible to actually give it the kind of attention and care required. As a result, we’re left with either damaged hair or frizzy, chaotic hair. Not anymore. 

After this blog, we hope you know there’s a game-changer for you in the market that’s been hidden all this while.

Unmanageable hair? Game changer treatment for you - Nanoplastia!

Imagine this – it’s a beautiful morning. The sun is shining and you’re rolling in your bed before you finally wake up. And what do you see? Frizzy, chaotic hair! That’s the kind of morning no one likes. 

But don’t misunderstand frizzy hair for unmanageable hair. We’re sure you’ve made futile attempts to find a solution to this. You might’ve scrolled through hundreds of blogs, and consulted a bunch of experts – and alas, you’ve still not found something that works for you. That’s only because the solution is in technology, that’s been hidden.

Introducing to you the cutting-edge technology called Nanoplastia – a quick solution to manage your hair.

What is Nanoplastia?

When it comes to making curly or wavy hair, straight and smooth on a semi-permanent basis, Keratine treatments have dominated the hair market. There are some Keratin hair treatments that also assert healthier-looking hair. While Nanoplastia also works to make hair straight – it is essential to understand that Nanoplastia and Keratin are not similar. 

Nanoplastia is a hair restoration treatment that helps you straighten, smoothen and defrizz your hair. Based on nanotechnology, it penetrates deeply into the structure of the hair to make all types of hair straight for an extended period of time. Furthermore, it enhances the condition of your hair by sealing the hair scales and introducing captivating shine. Many think of it as an instant and easy way to straighten your hair while still keeping them healthy.

The elements used for this treatment contain lots of amino acids, which when heated, reach the cortical layer of your hair. As a result, the structure of your hair becomes more stable. It also contains protein which aids in the repair of hair fibre and leaves hair straight, shiny, and frizz-free. 

When compared to Keratin treatments, Nanoplastia comes with its own set of benefits. The most common and well-known is its ability to leave a captivating shine to your hair, defrizz it and make it smooth like butter. But that’s not all. After a Nanoplastia treatment, your hair is prone to be much more flexible, and hydrated and has its humidity under control.

Why Should You Choose Nanoplastia?

We understand that trusting a new treatment for your hair might be difficult when you know so little about it. That’s precisely what we’re here to help you with – give you reasons to pick up your phone, and book a Nanoplastia treatment right away.

How Long Does A Nanoplastia Treatment Last?

If you’ve treated your hair with a Keratin treatment in the past, you might have realized that they are mainly effective on your hair cuticles and lasts only up to 2-3 months. After that time frame, you’ll be waking up to curls. But with Nanoplastia, there’s a longer scope to stay away from the curls. Results have shown that Nanoplasta can last up to 6-10 months, and will also completely straighten all types of hair. Additionally, it also rebuilds, hydrates and straightens your hair.

Are the ingredients in Nanoplastia organic?

Nanoplastia also happens to be organic and much easier to apply than a Keratin treatment which is instrumental in leaving your hair with a natural smooth appearance.

Which of the two takes longer - Keratin or Nanoplastia?

While a Keratin treatment is a two-step process that involves visiting the salon twice, Nanoplastia is a one-step process that can be wrapped up in a single day. In other words, Nanoplastia not only leaves your hair with a shine but also ample time to show it off.

Are there any harmful effects of Nanoplastia?

Nanoplastia also happens to be 100% safe for your hair and health. Unlike Keratin or other treatments, it doesn’t have formaldehyde – a substance that could also cancer in the recipient. Let’s clarify that a little more.

How is Formaldehyde harmful to health?

Formaldehyde in the liquid form itself is not harmful. But once heated for the treatment, the chemical releases fumes that can burn your eyes and also be a detriment to several kinds of cancer. It is also free from sulphates and parabens, making it organic and a truly safe treatment for your hair.

Is Nanoplastia safe for all?

Experts believe that Nanoplastia is also safe for pregnant women and children, which can’t be said of many other hair treatments. 


With Nanoplastia there is a possibility of 0% breakage and a 200% hike in strength. It works on any and every hair type – making it a treatment for all with no bias. 


Many also call Nanoplastia a healing procedure, that not only straightens your hair but also heals it. With Nanoplastia you get two treatments, that are the same except they are named differently depending on the type of hair they are used on. These treatments are – W One  & W Two. 


While W One Premium is filled hydrolyzed Keratin essential amino acids, hydrolyzed wheat protein and the exclusive Ozone protein with coconut oil treatment that helps in repairing hair fibre and making sure your hair is shiny, straight and frizz-free. Moreover, W One Premium is only used on virgin hair or hair that hasn’t been exposed to any kind of colours or other products. The products have been created with an organic blend that strikes a perfect balance that promises 100% straightness on all types of hair. 


While W Two is filled with the goodness of Ojon oil balanced perfectly with the Plex Technological System. Both of these help in enhancing the absorption and hydration that helps in the reconstruction of hair fibre. All of this only powers up the shine of your hair to make it straight and frizz-free.

If you’re wondering how Nanoplastia works, let’s get some clarity to that too. During Nanoplastia, your hair is sealed from the roots to the ends and the silk protein components help in adding an extra shine to your hair. All the proteins are also absorbed into your hair making it healthier than before. Ofcourse, once you’ve done the Nanoplastia treatment the preservatives help keep your hair straight and frizz-free. 


If you’re still looking for ways to avoid a painful morning with your comb, you know the answer to your problems. All you’ve got to do is contact your nearest salon and get a Nanoplastia treatment from them, that suits you. The results will blow your mind and we’re sure you’ll read this blog again with a smile of satisfaction.